Stronger Versatility: Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

Stepping on the scene in Kansas City at Thoroughbred Ford is a versatile vehicle model that needs your professional eye for closer examination. Take out time from your busy day and head to Thoroughbred Ford so you can inspect every versatility feature this vehicle can offer.

The Ford Transit Passenger Vans are tested for toughness; a unique characteristic Ford is known for delivering. This popular full-size passenger wagon has been through it all; -40°F and 120°F temperatures. Tested across all highways of America, this vehicle should be able to handle the streets of Kansas City like a pro!

Up to 15 passengers will ride comfortably in this vehicle no matter the roof height. Small, medium, and high are the trim options available. They all can become useful for different occasions. The Ford website offers a Conversion Van Option, along with a way to find an authorized upfitter to change the interior to your desired preference.



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